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Sistem Teknik/Turkey. Heat Treating furnaces in Turkey appear to either come from Turkish furnace builders, German manufacturers, used equipment dealers in Europe or occasionally from North American builders (more on that later). Of the Turkish builders far and away the dominant player is a company by the name of Sistem Teknik which by any standards is a good sized builder with anywhere up to 100 employees depending upon business conditions. This is a company which covers it all from vacuum to batch IQ, mesh belt and roller hearth. As an example we saw under construction a monster horizontal vacuum furnace with 10 bar quenching, a mesh belt quench and temper line and a roller hearth. However the one that fascinated us the most was a line under construction which is dedicated to heat treating clutch plates. This is the second of two being provided for auto parts maker Valeo and there are 3 more of these lines coming up for various customers. The line is completely automated and consists of a carousel style hardening furnace followed by a press quench then by another carousel style temper. We have seen a number of rotary hearth style systems for clutch plates but the advantage of this style is the small footprint required. To give you a better idea we have two photos below which give you a very good idea of the design. April 11/2014.

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